Cambios que recibe la V6:

  • Front I/O
    • Added USB Type C port (requires motherboard 20 pin Type E header)
    • Changed headphone and mic ports to single combo jack
    • All ports use new molds
    • Redesigned I/O bracket with swappable no-I/O faceplate (ports can be removed for cleaner look/slightly better 2.2+ slot GPU compatibility)
  • Chassis
    • Redesigned ventilation holes on bottom and rear to improve airflow
    • Added longer fan mounting slots on the bottom
    • Bottom vents moved to separate steel floor plate attached to underside of chassis
    • Added bottom magnetic dust filter
    • Threaded inserts on PCI bracket
    • Added M4 screw holes for window mounting to chassis
    • Front-right chassis flange reduced, SFX PSU can now be installed from the right side
    • Reduced rear-left chassis flange to facilitate GPU installation
    • Enlarged chassis front GPU passthrough to facilitate GPU installation and provide more room for oversized GPUs
    • Removed four panel mounting clips from side flanges to reduce incidence of oversized GPU conflicts
    • Changed front 2.5" drive mounting to use screws instead of rubber grommets to save space/reduce complexity
    • Integrated fan bracket mount into chassis flanges
    • Added inside-front mounting for SFX PSU
  • Motherboard tray
    • Changed to removable standoffs
  • ODD bracket
    • Redesigned to single piece, now supports 9.5mm and 12.7mm ODD drives
  • HDD cage
    • Redesigned to two pieces, now supports 2x 3.5" drives or 3x 2.5" drives; now allows mounting to inside front 2.5" mount (3x 2.5" configuration only)
  • Top panel
    • Changed to 2mm thick
  • Side panels
    • Extended ventilated area adjacent to GPU
  • Other
    • New 15mm tall molded rubber feet
    • New adjustable GPU support bracket (adjustable for 2-2.5 slot cards)
    • Eliminated ATX PSU bracket

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No pongas cosas asi que tengo que ahorrar. Pff

Esta si la quiero

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Actualizado primer post con los cambios que recibe la V6 y algunas imágenes…

Algunos links:

Estoy mirando temperaturas con el NH-C14…Interesante lo que me he encontrado…

Me he metido en ese enlace de Reddit, y veo los montajes que hace la peña en esas cajitas, y te das cuenta lo cenutrio que eres montando PCs…que cosas mas bonitas. Un saludo.

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Todo se aprende… La cuestion es ponerse…

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